Monday, November 28, 2011

Reader's Digest Nov.-11

Illustration for Ask Dayal section of Reader's Digest India magazine's November 2011 issue.


  1. I like the style and the hues. Brilliant! (as always) (y) 8-D :*) %)
    Can you mention what the topic of this illustration was?

  2. 8-D (z) :*)
    This was the question- ''I have been married to a doctor for 19 years. But my husband (who had once suffered hurt at the hands of his father) seems angry all the time and says nasty things to our teenage daughters and to me. We’ve tried all that we can to please him but my daughters have had enough of the abuse and violence and want out. I don’t want to abandon my husband, whose medical practice isn’t doing too well, but I want a happy, respectful family. How can we resolve this? ''