Monday, November 28, 2011

Reader's Digest Nov.-11

Illustration for Ask Dayal section of Reader's Digest India magazine's November 2011 issue.

Genio and Brilliance

Character designs for Intel's event banners.

Music Video-Lovedrug Climbdown

'Lovedrug Climbdown' - Pentagram from Sameer Kulavoor / BDD on Vimeo.


I was part of a team who worked on this music video.The song 'Lovedrug Climbdown' is from Indian rock band Pentagram's latest album 'Bloodywood'.

The video is designed and directed by Bombay Duck Designs. It was an amazing experience working with the team. All the members put in lot of efforts.

Further Credits-

Research & Animation rotoscopy: Sameer Kulavoor, Sameer Kulkarni, Devashree Dhakras, Zeenat Kulavoor
Band rotoscopy reference shots: Babblefish Productions
Compositing & Post-production: Hitesh Chheda

For more details and making of the video chk out